White Oak Music Hall has approximately 600 off-street parking spaces available for guests. These spaces are divided across four parking lots, Lot A, B, C, and D.

Parking at WOMH is a combination of free and paid parking.  For small shows (under 400 people), all parking lots are free, unless there is a larger show going on at the same time.  For medium-sized shows (400-800), Lots A and D are free, with Lots B and C paid parking ($10-15).  For big shows (800 people+), Lot A is free, with lots B, C, and D becoming paid lots with rates ranging from $10-20, increasing to $20+ for our Lawn shows.  These are general rules, as sometimes parking rates may change depending on the event.  For some events, one or more of the parking lots may also be closed.

For the most parking options (including any free options), please arrive early!  Lot D, which is across Little White Oak Bayou, is a short 1-2 minute walk to the venue, and is accessible via Boundary Street. Disabled parking with approved plates or hang-tags is available in Lot A.

For certain larger shows, you may be able to pre-purchase parking through our ticketing company, StubWire.  The option to pre-purchase parking will show up as an add-on after you have added your tickets to your “shopping cart," but before you finalize your transaction.  Pre-purchasing your parking is optional, but if you are worried about parking, we strongly encourage you to pre-purchase your parking, if available.

In addition to our own parking lots, unofficial parking lots operated by third parties are also in the area, but we cannot guarantee the legitimacy of any parking operators other than those at Lots A, B, C, and D. Limited street parking is also available nearby. To save time and hassle, we encourage customers to take public transportation, carpool, ride your bikes, or rideshare!  We recommend Lyft, which is the official rideshare partner of WOMH, and who frequently offers get promotional codes to save you money! Check the WOMH social media for any current Lyft codes to/from WOMH!